There are some common myths about biodisc that need to be disabused for the interest of users who have limited information on biodisc and most importantly to avoid their being manipulated by the effect of this limits. These myths are a s follows:

1.Pricing and brands: There has always been the idea that superior products are usually associated with higher price. This is not always true. In the case of biodisc, the high pricing associated to some brands are due to the process of marketing. These ones are usually through direct sales and MLM which pays compensation up to five levels deep. These add to the escalated price and sometimes make the biodisc almost unaffordable by the average man in the street. It is not so with those brands that is sold through the tradition marketing channel.

2. Size and weight: The impression that original biodisc is usually heavier and larger does not hold any water. Today’s technology trends towards miniaturization. Take for instance at the advent of computer, it used to be very large, however, with time, it was considerably smaller and even better in terms of capability. The technology behind the biodisc is no difference. Today, it is possible to have lighter and smaller sizes of biodisc with the same or even better capabilities than the already existing ones. Another good example is the metamorphosis of acupuncture to acupressure. Yet again, it has gone to the stage of hologram where by weight loss, pain relief, sleep, energy stability, libido, focus and every act of addiction could be correct by just a minute sticky piece of material is pasted to the body for effective correction of the challenges mentioned without any oral drugs. It is a ground breaking technology we can all benefitted from in a number of ways. This actually took the Chinese traditional medicine to another level with the robust and refined technology of hologram invention. You can get more of this at



Energy-Square-V1.03_cover_Page_13.Undue Fetish affiliation of the biodisc: The misguided fears and concerns in some quarters that the biodisc has some fetish affiliation to the spirit world is uncalled for and a gross misunderstanding of the working process of the biodisc. The working principle is natural and can be scientifically proved


Biodisc has been effective in correcting the problem of too much iron content in water which before now had caused sleepless night to fish farmers. Besides, at the point of cultivation where the fragile fingerlings needed much care and succor, energized water from biodisc has been proved to be helpful in providing them the much needed vigor to survive the numerous harsh conditions posed by external factors like weather changes. This could be seen in the case of temperature changes (increase in temperature) necessitated by dry season and cold Harmattan weather (drop in regular pond temperature) which poses great threat to the farm stock and could result to fish’s death. Biodisc has always been a respite to farmers in these cases.

Even in the transportation of fingerlings to various distant locations( Say from Ibadan to Port-Harcourt in Nigeria which is about 8-10 hours drive) for cultivation or to new farm sites without suffering any loss of the fingerlings has been credited to the use of energized water from biodisc.

Many who resorted to the use of biodisc have averted these disasters that were eminent in such situations and were better for it.


The followings are how the biodisc can be used for home management.

1. When you cook food with energized water, your food will stay for longer periods without spoiling. Your food, fruits and vegetables will stay fresher and longer and even taste better when sprayed with energized water from the biodisc.

2. Energized water from biodisc places Chlorine and other harmful chemical in a ‘Quantum suspension’ and can no longer harm your body.

3. Leave biodisc permanently in the fridge to bio energize and extend the shelf life of all foods and drinks stored there.

4. Better tasting food and beverages – `food will once again taste like it was meant to taste, with increased flavour, nutrients and goodness.

5. Your shaving blade will last longer if usually placed on the biodisc without losing its sharpness.

6. Salty or sugary food tends to lose some of its saltiness and sugar taste when place for sometime on the bodisc.


The biodisc can last beyond the 15yrs common official life span if the following precautions are taken constantly. They are as follows:
1.    Do not wash the biodisc with soap or detergent
2.    Do not pour oil or any oily substance on the biodisc
3.    Cleanse only with sea water or slightly salty water and allow to dry in the sun for      about  four hours to regain all lost energy. This is applicable to all scalar energy products.
4.    Store and pack in its dry casing until the need to use it again arises.


Agriculture remains untapped potential of the nation, which successive government has not fully invested in. It is necessary to focus on agriculture since the nation has comparative advantage. Farmers can accelerate their productivity and double their profit in agriculture by the use bio disc to energize the water they use in their farms. Energized water from bio disc seems to be the anti-dote of poor harvest.


There are 2 basic types of water: Bound water and vivified water(energized water). Bound water is large clusters of water molecules bound to other molecule structures. Bound water is unable to move around freely through the walls of our cells. Instead it often causes water retention and bloating. When animal cells are not properly hydrated its immune system is affected and its body becomes more susceptible to virus attacks, diseases and common ailment. However, vivified (or energized) water, on the other hand are smaller clusters of water restructured to its original life form. They are able to move more freely through the walls of animal cells, hence effectively hydrating animal cells within minutes of intake. Nutrients and oxygen are also transported and absorbed more effectively throughout the system boosting immunity and allowing the animal metabolism to perform optimally. Using energized water refreshes all living things. It helps to detoxify the body. The polarity of potentially harmful chemicals is changed, reducing the negative effects and allow its elimination from the animal. It also neutralizes free radicals from the animal.

Water begins to get destroyed the moment you pump it out from the base of the waterbed up through the use of a water pump as the water pump releases electromagnetic energy which breaks the crystals of the water into what is called free radicals. Every pump has a coil and a magnet. Although, the pump helps you bring the water from under the ground at the same time it kills the water. And that is the water most farmers are using in their farms out of ignorance. So, what they get from this type of arrangement is dead water. So far farmers has been getting some results but they will do better with energized water and avoid the need to visit the vet and save money from deadly mistakes that some farmers are susceptible to. Even Rose farmers in Australia use Bio Disc technology to create energized water from the desert salt water to be used in their farms.




There are some common health challenges that can be handled by energized water. Patients are advised to continue with whatever treatment they are already having as they undergo this therapy since it does not interfere with their various treatment procedures. Again, it is of advantage to energize ones medication before taking them. This goes a long way to give us optimal result. The following common ailment can be handled thus:


1. High Blood Pressure: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively.


2. Diabetes: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively.


3. Parlysis: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively. Again, add biolight therapy for at least once a day.


4. Psorasis: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively. Again, add spraying energized water (passing the water over biodisc for at least 20 times) on the affected area of the body.


5. Kidney Stone: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively.


6. Pile: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively. Again, add the use of biolight on the affect buttocks part.


7. Migraine: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively. Again, add spraying of the energized water on the affected part.


8. Constipation: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively.


9. Arthritis: 1 litre of energized water before breakfast, and 1 litre of energized water 2hrs after Lunch and dinner respectively. Add spraying energized water at the affected area.



 ***Do not allow the biolight to get into your eyes

 ***Note that the dinner should usually be at least 3-4hrs before going to bed.


1. Energized water can last for 50 yrs with its energizing effect as long as it has not been exposed to sun light, dropped on the ground, or on the wall.

2. Energized water should be covered. Leaving it open will attract electromagnetic smog to it ( This is applicable to the energized water to be consumed by human beings only).

3. Throw it away when left open for 2-3 hrs and re-energize a fresh one for instant use.

4. For optimal result of the use of energized water, use before breakfast and 2hrs after Lunch and dinner.

5.The biodisc does not heal illnesses. It helps the body to heal itself by energizing the 70% water our bodies are made of.

6.The biodisc does not have any side effects.



Water (liquids) gets energized when it picks up energy frequencies from the biodisc, besides this, there are 3 other ways where by the biodisc can be used to energize.

a.) You can carry it with you around in your bag or pocket

b.) You can place it in areas where you want to energize

c.) You can shine light from torch light or LED device through it in anticlockwise direction for about 10 to 30 minutes.







The biodisc was invented in 2006 by Dr. Ian Lyons, a heart surgeon, after 25 years of research and    development.  The first idea of the biodisc was conceived after Dr Ian noticed how monks in Nepal used water to heal various illnesses. He studied their water and noticed that it contains natural minerals that are found in spring water. These minerals help to make water to be in its best original state. The first product of his research was a costly machine called vivifiers costing millions of dollars. Since it was too expensive, more research was performed to make the machine smaller. That was how the biodisc was invented.